• Securing Sustainable Futures

    Your support is providing over 8 million people worldwide with a ‘hand up’ out of poverty

  • Helping children to succeed and communities to thrive

    Regular gifts play a vital part in providing sustainable support to people living in poverty.

  • Transforming Families

    Justine Nassali is a strong and driven single mother. With a loan and training from Opportunity International she is building a better future for her family.

    We provide access to financial solutions empowering people living in poverty to transform their lives, their children’s futures and their communities.

    Our microfinance work is present in 24 countries.

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    Latest News

    • 22.07.2016
      School Loans, Job Creation, and the Advancement of Low-Income Communities

      In a new third-party analysis of 94 Ugandan schools accessing Opportunity EduFinance… Read More

    • 15.06.2016
      Adjoa Andoh meets the farmers YOU have supported

      In December 2014, Adjoa Andoh presented our Radio 4 appeal as part of our three-month… Read More

    • 14.06.2016
      Reflections from Northern Ghana

      I flew up from the capital Accra, where my father lives, to Tamale in the north on… Read More

    • 15.06.2016
      Citi Women's Network presents Simon Evans

      Join us to hear Simon Evans offer his unique view on commodities, followed by a panel… Read More

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