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    • 28.01.2016
      2016 Gala Dinner

      EVENT DETAILSOn Thursday 28th January 2016 we wil be hosting our Turn on the Tap… Read More

    • 05.11.2015
      Education is a Priority

      The walls of Martha’s small, cramped living room are covered with graduation photos.… Read More

    • 09.10.2015
      Giving Girls the Opportunity to Flourish

      Opportunity International is running a DFID funded Girls Education Challenge (GEC)… Read More

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    Workers in the developing world are more likely to experience hardships, making it nearly impossible to rise out of poverty. Yet less than 3 percent of people in the world’s 100 poorest countries have any type of insurance to protect them from financial upheaval.

    Opportunity International and its subsidiary, MicroEnsure, help entrepreneurs keep their lives and businesses moving forward in the face of unexpected hardship.

    MicroEnsure, the world’s first microinsurance intermediary, works with local partners to deliver financial protection against flooding, drought, hospitalisation or a death in the family.

    Your support will help safeguard our clients against any threat to their success.