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Meet The Clients Comfort Appiah

Country: Ghana

Opportunity International | Comfort Appiah

School Proprietor Comfort Appiah wanted to help children in her neighbourhood access a quality education so in 1998 she started a small nursery in her home.  It was a tough start - she had to go into the community to bring the children into her home for lessons and food, some without clothes or shoes. She would bathe, clothe and feed them but the next day, the children would either return naked again or would not come back at all.  A friend advised her to remove the clothes and slippers and send them home as they had arrived.  This worked land the children came back every day!

In 2009, Comfort approached Opportunity for a school proprietor loan that would provide capital to purchase a building and expand the school, her second loan enabled her to expand and build a two-storey classroom block, and  she is now on her third loan cycle to use for expanding to provide secondary school education.  

Today, Ahobrase serves more than 700 students from pre-school to Junior High providing quality education previously unavailable in their neighbourhood. Comfort also provides employment to 38 staff. 

Impact has also been felt outside the school — as the school has grown so has the community.  Businesses and market stalls outside the school gates have developed and continue to thrive; supermarkets, bakery, chemist, stationery shop, small businesses providing learning materials / school uniforms and contractors working on infrastructure development.

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