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Meet The Clients Justine Nassali

City: Kampala
Country: Uganda
Loan Use: Building a multi-purpose farm

Opportunity International | Justin Nassali

As the single mother of eleven children in Uganda, Justine struggled to put food on the table. After her sister died of an AIDS-related illness, Justine took three more children under her wing.

But when Justine met with Opportunity Uganda, her worries began to fade, and her hopes started to rise.

Justine accessed a loan to help transform her backyard into a prosperous farming enterprise that includes 40 pigs, a flock of chickens and a retail shop managed by one of her sons.

Opportunity International | Justin Nassali

In addition, Opportunity International’s Education Finance programme helped Justine cover tuition and supplies, textbooks, and uniforms for her children. Thanks to Opportunity International’s EduSave plan, her children’s education won’t be interrupted if she encounters any trouble repaying loans from her business earnings.

After 10 years as a successful entrepreneur, she became treasurer of her Trust Group, earning the respect of her group members and community.

Most importantly, she provides her children with an inspiring example of the possibilities available to them.

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