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Meet The Clients Maryam Sanyagalo

Location: Arusha, Tanzania

Maryam Sanyagalo

When asked how long she has partnered with Opportunity International, Maryam responds with a resounding, “For so long! I have been with them ever since they first came to my town and introduced themselves to me.”

My business was small and now it has grown. Maryam operates a thriving grocery shop in the bustling Arusha marketplace. She credits her success to hard work and to Opportunity Tanzania who provided access to the financial tools and training that equip her to achieve her goals. As a member of a Trust Group, she received four weeks of training courses to introduce her to financial services and to ensure she understood the responsible use of credit before receiving her first loan. Since then, she meets each week with her fellow group members to share experiences, receive encouragement and training from her loan officer. Recently, Maryam has benefited from curriculum covering: Importance of Saving, Debt Management, Record Keeping, Achieving Efficiency with Technology and Business Development.  According to Maryam, “My business was so small before joining Opportunity.

My business is growing and I have security. I started with a small loan and now I have a larger one because my business has grown so much.”  In addition to training, Maryam’s  loan comes with free life insurance and death benefit which has given her peace of mind because in the event of her death or disability, her family will not be forced to repay her loan. In the event of a death of a family member, she will have the money she needs to pay for their funeral expenses to ensure she does not lose the business she has worked so hard to build.

I know I will achieve my dreams. For the first time in her life, Maryam allows herself the freedom to dream about her future. She has every reason to feel confident that she can achieve her goal to eventually build a home and stop paying a landlord on her rented room. She says she will continue to expand her business and increase her income, “Life is good. My business is good. I feel very happy when I look at my business. I am proud that it is growing; I did not have such a business before Opportunity came along. I hope they continue the work they are doing here in Arusha.

Maryam Sanyagalo

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