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Opportunity International provides small loans, savings, insurance and business training to poor people in more than 20 countries worldwide. Opportunity UK is currently serving more than 1.4 million African's by raising funds to help develop microfinance in Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and Ghana.  We also support projects in Rwanda, Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and South Africa.


Case Study: Meet Eklina

Eklina, married with five children, has invested the micro loans she borrowed from our bank in Malawi to build and diversify her businesses. 

Although illiterate before joining our Trust Group lending programme, the biometric technology we use ensured that she could access our services. 

What’s more, she can now read and write. ”I didn’t go to school,” she says, “but due to the confidence I have built through the loan service from Opportunity, I enrolled for literacy classes.”

Eklina used her first loan for materials to develop the family carpentry business, making furniture and coffins. Her husband and 2 employees work here. Once the loan was paid back Eklina decided to tackle a new venture.

As well as loans, Opportunity clients receive business training from the loan officers. This training helped Elkina to plan her next project and she decided to start a bakery to produce scones. Cheaper than bread and a popular breakfast food, the scones sold like the proverbial hot cakes!

Running these two businesses has resulted in her daily profits rising from £1.02 to about £2.50 – more than doubling them! 

She is now able to feed and clothe her family and hopes to save enough to make improvements to her home, which is without electricity or piped water. 

Her businesses have not only contributed to her material well-being but she has grown in self-esteem and confidence. She enrolled in literacy classes and has been elected as chairperson of the trust group with which she organises her loans.

Help us extend the reach of Microfinance to a further 1 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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